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Install Maven Plugin for Eclipse

Installing a Maven Plugin for Eclipse can be a bit tricky if you want to get the whole spectrum of features. By default you would go to “Eclipse -> Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install”, then “Search for new features to install”, then click on “New Remote Site”, and enter the Maven Projects name (e.g. Maven2Plugin) and its home URL there “http://m2eclipse.codehaus.org/“.

Once you install it at first everything would seem quite right. However, if you try “Import” a Maven Project, you will not see such an option in under the “General” menu, since it would be missing.

The reason for that is that “http://m2eclipse.codehaus.org/” brings in an old version of the plugin. (At the moment of writing) It brings in “Maven 2 Plugin 0.0.9”, whereas what you need is 0.0.12.

Hence you read the “Maven Integration for Eclipse” installation guide and point your “New Remote Site” to “http://m2eclipse.codehaus.org/update/” instead of “http://m2eclipse.codehaus.org/“. The one thing to be cautious about is an “update” link will try to also bring “subclipse” and “mylin” projects, hence you will need to “uncheck” them if you do not want to bring them:

Choosing only Maven dependency while installing Maven Plugin for Eclipse

Happy Maving everybody! :)