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How to Digg at Work

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How many people do digg at work? Do you do it? The answer to this is mostly “YES”; sometimes, the answer is “NOT OFTEN”, in order to avoid “YES”; and the most rare answer is “NO”. And only sometimes, now days in 21st century, the answer could be “WHAT THE HECK IS DIGG!?”

However 99% of people will have no difficulties with answering the question “Do you work?”. That is due to the fact that “WORK” has been defined for a way longer period of time than “DIGG”. And most of the time, unless employed by Digg, its competitors, or “ Times Magazine”, DIGG and WORK do not go together. Therefore employees do not like to be caught by their managers and supervisors while reading fresh news from the Digg’s first page.

But there is nothing wrong with spending some time reading DIGG at work. In fact it can, and most of the time will boost the productivity, if not abused, and done right – really! According to our friend Albert Einstein, there is nothing as innovative and productive as taking 10-15 minutes breaks. And Albert generally knew what he was talking about. :)

A wise man once told me: “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources” (I believe it was also Einstein) – so here is a simple way of using Digg at work without causing any suspicion.

Lynx – is the answer to creating “work and digg” balance, and can be used to read pretty much any website, not only Digg. It is available on windows, Mac, comes pre-installed with most distributions of Linux, and according to its documentation is available for other platforms as well.

Here is what reading Digg at work using Lynx web browser would look like:

Reading Digg.com with Lynx Web Browser

Colors of the terminal could be changed to blend in better with the Desktop, and applications mostly used, which will depend on the nature of the job. Lynx is very easy to navigate – mostly just by using “up down left right” arrows, and is considered “work safe” – it is a simple text after all.

Boost your work productivity, and… happy Digging!

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