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Money Making Project

For the past several years most of my projects were based on Spring and Hibernate. And what I keep seeing is how people struggle to understand how the two are working together.

So going from project to project, I have to repeat the same spiel over and over again to get people up to speed.

Since I believe that the most effective way to LEARN is to DO, I create simple examples for people to play with / to complete / to analyze, etc..

So “Money Making Project” is one of such examples. It comfortably lives at github’s luxury apartments, so anybody can “git clone” / “fork” and play with it.

Besides making money, this project also demos things such as:

A way to structure a project

Maven based structure ( hence can be easily used by gradle ). Configuration and property files organized under “META-INF/conf”, “META-INF/props”, etc..

A way to separate Spring configs

“tx-spring-config.xml”, “persistence-spring-config.xml”, “service-spring-config.xml”, “repository-spring-config.xml” and “application-context.xml” that includes them all

Properties via PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer

<context:property-placeholder location="classpath:META-INF/props/env.properties"/>

Hibernate overall configuration file

That is injected into AnnotationSessionFactoryBean

Hibernate Named Queries

That are linked to the Hibernate overall config

<mapping resource="META-INF/conf/hibernate/mapping/startup-bank-named-queries.xml"/>

Spring’s DAO / Hibernate Exception Translation

Via @Repository and “PersistenceExceptionTranslationPostProcessor”

Simple CRUD Repository

public interface MoneyRepository {
    public void make( MoneyRoll moneyRoll );        // C
    public MoneyRoll find( Long id );                       // R
    public void update( MoneyRoll moneyRoll );     // U
    public void takeOut( MoneyRoll moneyRoll );    // D

with a Hibernate based implementation

Transaction Management with Spring AOP

Declarative, on a Service Level, using “aop:config”, “tx:advice” namespaces

Spring Testing

With SpringJUnit4ClassRunner, ContextConfiguration, etc..

Using Embeded in-memory H2 Database for Testing

<jdbc:embedded-database id="dataSource" type="H2"/>

Hibernate Logging

Most useful hibernate “log4j.logger” properties

Demoing how important Transaction is for Hibernate Sessions

“HibernateSessionNotBoundToThreadIntegrationTest” for the second (after LazyInitializationException ) most common Hibernate exception: “No Hibernate Session bound to thread, and configuration does not allow creation of non-transactional one here”